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Keen to run an event at TIM but not sure how to train? We've got you covered!

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Have you struggled to fit training into your busy life? Don't know where to start? Maybe you've done a few races but keep having motivation or injury troubles? Or you want to beat last year's time or finish at the front of the pack? 

If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions then our official training partners Lisa Tamati, Neil Wagstaff and Carlos Kumeroa at Running Hot Coaching can help you leap right over those life hurdles and achieve your goals. 

You’ll get a personalised program and learn all you need to know in a structured and scientific way  – and train knowing that you can avoid injury and finish strong. They will get you to the start line in the best shape ever! You'll get the benefit of their years of knowledge and experience in competing and training athletes, so you can avoid common mistakes, train efficiently, have fun and stay in optimal health while you're at it.

In the meantime download your FREE training guide below to learn how to avoid injury, fuel yourself properly, and maximise your training (to name a few)!

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